Clearance Items – Small Print

Condition Descriptions

“As new” These items are new and un-used, they are most likely included in this offer for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. They are part of an “over-production” on a previous large order.
  2. They result from a cancelled order.
  3. They are considered a second resulting from a colour mismatch.
  4. They were made up as a stock item that has been held for too long.

Ex Demo” They are predominantly items used for our own demonstration or exhibition purpose and as such may show signs of very light use.

“Used” As the name suggests, these are used units. They maybe be customer part-exchanges, ex-rental units from our own or our agents fleets, loan units or have been used for other reasons. Condition of these units will vary.


  • All units sold from this section carry significant discounts when compared to the retail prices.
  • They are sold “as seen” and carry no warranty or provision for return or replacement.
  • If they are sold as “top-ups” for newly manufactured items supplied from the “Just a thought” options only the newly manufactured units carry the Mini Marquee warranty and guarantee and the specification.
  • Colour shading cannot be assumed to be consistent with new and/or current production items.
  • Any image shown alongside is for indication purposes only and the colour positions may not match the sale item. However, if the item is used in a “Just a thought” offer, the exact pattern and colour layout will be confirmed prior to order and production.