Author: Keaton Taylor

  • Mini Marquees X KD Davis & Sons

    Mini Marquees X KD Davis & Sons

    From Family Business To Family Business Case Study!! Mini Marquees & KD Davis & Sons   As a fellow family business, it has been an honor to collaborate closely with Matt at KD Davis & Sons on their customized Mini Marquees. About a year ago, Matt approached us with a goal of enhancing his stall…

  • The Winter Special Offer 4.0 x 4.0 Maxi Range Mini Marquee

    The Winter Special Offer 4.0 x 4.0 Maxi Range Mini Marquee

    To celebrate entering our 35th year of trading as Mini Marquees, We have decided to run a Special offer on our 4.0 x 4.0 Maxi Mini Marquee!! For the complete price of £1080 you can get a Maxi Range 4.0 x 4.0, complete with 3 Side Panels, Peg & Guy Anchorage Kits & 4 Empty…

  • Mini Marquees Maxi Range

    Mini Marquees Maxi Range

    Introducing our Maxi Range, a product designed in 2010 to offer customers an alternative to our popular “Premium” series. The Maxi Range stands out with its robust features, featuring thicker legs, stronger bars, increased clearance, and, in our view, a critical advantage: deeper valances that provide customers with more space within their Mini Marquee for…

  • Mini Marquee Premium Range!

    Mini Marquee Premium Range!

    Introducing our Premium Range of Mini Marquees, a groundbreaking innovation introduced in 2006 to revolutionise the concept of outdoor “Gazebos.” These cutting-edge structures are not only robust and dependable but also remarkably lightweight and effortlessly assembled. With a frame specification of 54mm x 49mm x 1.8mm for the outer legs, they provide unmatched strength and…

  • Mini Marquees X DeWalt

    Mini Marquees X DeWalt

    In the world of power tools and outdoor equipment, trust and reliability are paramount. This is a story about a 15-year partnership between Mark, the owner of Mini Marquees, and Dewalt, a company that produces top-quality portable shelters and outdoor event gear. Founded in 1988, Mini Marquees became known for crafting premium pop-up gazebos and…

  • Mini Marquees X Subaru

    Mini Marquees X Subaru

    See Our Latest Project from our Marketing Department!! We have been working with Subaru for over 15 years now and this is our latest order from the 3 Time World Champions!!! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mini-Marquees (@minimarquees)

  • Mini Marquees & X-Raid

    Mini Marquees & X-Raid

    Get ready to shift gears in the motorsports world, because X Raid just took their pit game to a whole new level. When it comes to keeping their Audi Sports Team roaring and ready, they knew they needed a pit-stop solution that matches their speed and style. That’s where the 4.5 x 4.5 Maxi Mini…