Mini Marquees X DeWalt

In the world of power tools and outdoor equipment, trust and reliability are paramount. This is a story about a 15-year partnership between Mark, the owner of Mini Marquees, and Dewalt, a company that produces top-quality portable shelters and outdoor event gear.

Founded in 1988, Mini Marquees became known for crafting premium pop-up gazebos and event marquees. As they aimed to expand, they sought reliable partners.

The roots of this enduring partnership trace back to 2005 when Mark, the owner of Mini Marquees, and Dewalt, a renowned producer of high-quality power tools and equipment, crossed paths at an industry trade show. At that fateful meeting, both parties recognized the potential for collaboration that could bring substantial benefits to their businesses.

Over time, Mark and DeWalt improved their supply chain, making deliveries faster and more reliable. This helped Mini Marquees meet customer demands efficiently.

This partnership between Mark from Dewalt and Mini Marquees brought some impressive results over the past 15 years:

  • The partnership has lasted for over 15 years, which shows the trust and respect that Mark and the DeWalt team have for each other.

In closing, the enduring partnership between Mark, the owner of Mini Marquees, and Dewalt exemplifies the power of trust, dedication, and shared values in achieving lasting success in business. This partnership not only benefited both companies but also ensured the satisfaction of their customers. As Mini Marquees continues to grow and expand its product line, they do so with the knowledge that Mark’s legacy lives on. Mark, in his passing, has left the relationship with Dewalt to his two sons, Lee and Keaton, who will carry forward the torch of this solid partnership into the future. Dewalt can rest assured that this valued connection remains in capable hands, ready to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.