Mini Marquee Premium Range!

Introducing our Premium Range of Mini Marquees, a groundbreaking innovation introduced in 2006 to revolutionise the concept of outdoor “Gazebos.” These cutting-edge structures are not only robust and dependable but also remarkably lightweight and effortlessly assembled. With a frame specification of 54mm x 49mm x 1.8mm for the outer legs, they provide unmatched strength and stability.Featuring an unprecedented frame specification at the time of its inception, the Premium Range quickly eclipsed the popularity of our classic range among our discerning customers.For dimensions such as 3.0 x 3.0 and 3.0 x 4.5, these marquees have become the go-to choice for outdoor events, setting the gold standard for quality and performance. Explore some examples below to see why the Premium Range is the ultimate choice for your outdoor events!