Established in 1988. Mini-Marquees

Technical Specification

Polyester Fabric

Single sided, flame resistant, UV and hydrolysis resistant, polyurethane coated substrate with a fluorocarbon, mould resistant finish.

The base fabric is a 100% Polyester filament yarn woven fabric with a 350d or 500d plain weave and classified as 5oz or 6oz / sq yd.

Woven in 60 inch widths with a yarn weight of 156g / yd.

PropertyMethod of Test BS 3424/Minimum Value
Coated Weight:5A140g/m²
Coating Weight:55.5g/m²
Coating Adhesion:Warp9B38N / 50mm
Weft36N / 50mm
Tensile Strength:Warp6 CRE1100N
Tear Strength:Warp7B36N
Hydrostatic Head:29A1000mm / 600m H₂O
Flame Resistance:The material will meet the requirements of the following recognised standards.
BS 5867: Part 2 : 1980, Type BBS 6341 : 1983, Class E
BS 6249 : Part 1 : 1982, Class CJIS – Z 2150
BS4F 100 / C.A.A. No. 8 Issue 2 Method 2.2b
BS 7837 : 1996

The test values given are only valid at the point of despatch.

The company reserves the right to alter or amend this specification without prior notice